Thursday, August 22, 2013

Do You Think You Know How the Economy Works

It is essential that American understand how the American Economy works. There are so many myths and falsehoods around money and government spending that hurt you, that hurt your family, and that limit the future of America.

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Some individual that goes by the initials hbl has created an interactive website to explain how the economy works. You will be well served to check it out.

How the economy works - a visual tutorial 

A caveat for you. do the audio option- the story is simple and the narrator concise. The text is so small it was unreadable for me and the mechanisms for increasing the font size works- well, they do not work.

But enabling the audio works well.

Check it out. It is simple and understandable and you will quickly see why I recommended it. Pass it on too. Watch this simple explanation of how the economy works, and you will quickly begin to detect the many myths spouting from talking heads. It will make you wonder.

There are many motivations for these falsehoods- there are perverse reasons, there are deeply felt attitudes- there is just plain ignorance. We will talk about these separately here, but first you need to check out the interactive website. that is the first step. How the economy works - a visual tutorial

Any questions, any comments, feel free to add them below.

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