Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thank Heaven for Feisty Women Like Ms.Stephens

I hope you read about the feisty mom who fought Pantego city hall and her tickets tossed out of city court. It was in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I have had my experiences here, too. I beat them on a speeding ticket- on a technicality; but I did not have to do the homework Ms. Kathleen Stephens did- 50 hours of research, worked with an attorney, and subpoena a city traffic engineer. In the end, the ticket given to Ms. Stephens was unlawful because the signage involved did not meet code.

I like to see people fighting injustice and, even better, winning. It would be great to hear how Ms. Stephens pursued the key information she needed.

A side note here- I hope you find it interesting. Have you ever wondered at the level of inattention by politicians to real problems of joblessness, and underemployment in this lagging economy?

I remain convinced there is a general political lack of interest in jobs and opportunity in this country because many with power and money, do not like the idea of a well off middle class- feeling empowered and fighting for America and the middle class.

People who are struggling with underemployment and worse- unemployment- trying to feed the kids and stressed out- just do not have as much energy to pay attention to issues- pay attention to injustice.

I certainly look forward to hard working Americans, and Americans who want to be hard working- to focus in on the core issues and elect leaders who have empathy for people wanting opportunity and who are ready to fight against the bias towards billionaires and big finance.

I can imagine a reversal of fortune for the wealthy wielders of power in the halls of congress and in the white house. I see a new trend where people- even though still weighed down with the strain and struggle- find a little margin of time and energy to fight for justice, fight for opportunity in America, and take back power from the politicians who cater to wealth and power.

This great story about Ms. Stephens fighting for justice, made me smile. I like feistiness. I would like to see a lot more it. Like the army of women who trekked to Austin taking exception to politicians interfering in women's lives. Like the courageous and indomitable strength of Wendy Davis leading a filibuster for hours.

I think these great examples are giving people hope, and giving them great examples of acting up for justice. I think I feel a trend coming on in Texas. More feistiness. More justice.

Feel free to add your thoughts below. That was a rather long aside.

Thank you, Ms. Stephens.  You were fighting for all of us when you went through the extra a effort to fight for your rights in Pantego court.

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