Sunday, September 8, 2013

What Do We Do about the Jobs Shipped Overseas

We have lost millions of jobs in America by companies shipping the jobs overseas for lower prices labor. Free market economists say this makes sense. A case can be made.

But just how does it affect American Worker and American cities? The results are not pretty for hard working Americans who have lost their jobs, or live in cities dependent on the buying power of hard working Americans who are now out of a job.

The academic world of economies sees this whole disruption of lives will just go through the free market process of reallocaton of poorly allocated resources.

People out of work pretty much feel this as devastating. What have we done in the past, and what can we do better. People are not commodities. Children need to be well nurtured and supported as the mature. How does this happen in families stressed out by job loss- income loss and the tetoring of trying to make house payments pay property taxes and get buy all the while trying to create a future opportunity for the children.

Too many politicians have a problem empathizing with working people out of work. Big farmers can sit in Congress and feel completely at ease with getting millions in agriculture supports for their farming interests but bridle at people out of work getting food aid through SNAP. This is a serious issue because we need a broader vision that just keeping hungry people fed- we have to free up the imagination and figure out how to create an outbreak of new opportunity in this country. People want good paying jobs not SNAP. They settle for SNAP so the kids don't go hungry.

So what do we do to create a profound transformation in this country. What will it look like. Who do we want to elect with the free thinking brain big enough to see beyond their own selfish interests. We have to get rid of politicians whose thinking fits into the narrow groove of figuring out how to get the funds from the right and powerful to get reelected. This might be good for them, but it is not good for your and for me and the 98% of Americans who are looking for an opportunity to do well in America. To again have an American dream of- if you are willing to work hard you can be a success in America.

This is not something to be left to status quo thinking. It takes a whole new level of thinging- of realization that we need to do something significantly different moving forward. More of the same, is not sustainable and will not really change things for the better.

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