Sunday, October 27, 2013

Need Some Help Visualizing Income Inequality?

Maybe you don't know how bad income and wealth inequality have become? Here is a great video on the basic dimensions of inequality.

How did we get to this point? What are the causes? We looked at structural details here.
Maybe you don't really see why income inequality is such a high priority problem. We gather our thoughts on the seriousness of the problem here. Maybe you can contribute.

We need to focus our attention on income inequality. We discuss solutions here LINK .

We need your help. We don't need more millionaire politicians whether they be republican or democrat distracted by the usual BS. We need clear and cogent thought and we need a minimum of business as usual. Get in, get engaged. We need your compassion and your energy. There is a dearth of leadership in America. Plenty of room for you. Jump in.

Feel Free to add your thoughts below.

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