Thursday, October 31, 2013

You Need to be Engaged in Revitalizing America

OK, I spend a lot of time trying to make a series of points about where we are headed in the wrong direction for a strong robust future for America. Many other people are much more articulate and engaging, but if you find yourself on this site, and you agree with what I am saying-


This is not time to be on the sidelines watching All kinds of angry and ideological people for their own collection of crazy reasons are arrayed against progress and we really do need to get our thoughts engaged and our butts in gear to change direction and get some serious problems solved.

If you understand the concepts that I am trying to articulate here., because you are the rational caring person you know you are- you need to get engaged in politics- you can volunteer in some easy way- until you find your niche- until you feel comfortable among new cadres- to help draw busy and preoccupied people back into the political process.

Otherwise we leave ideologues who are wrong but fully engaged getting their way. They are upset about many things. they are upset about an America changing from white to brown- or some other underlying neurosis that bubbles up in political nonsense.

Now, all the problems we have are complex and government does not have all the answers- not democrats not republicans either- but bright people engaged can make a critical difference.

We need to change directions, and thoughtful people must engage or the ideologues can continue to stonewall, to disrupt, to obfuscate, to make up ridiculous stories about welfare cheats etc. that hurt people.

We are in this together.  The nature of an economy is that growth- an increase of demand for products and services- creates more growth and an expanding economy.

When we help people get political clout- when we turn away from stupid- it helps all of us be more successful- find more opportunity- create more wealth and security for Americans. Get engaged.


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