Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Someone Wants to Discourage You from Voting

Hey, wake up! Powerful forces in Texas do not want you to vote. Instead, they want to keep you lulled to sleep but also add some extra points of  discouragement sto that you will not go through the effort to register that you will feel intimidated that you do not have the right ID to vote to keep you sitting at home during the next election.

It is a small tyranny wrapped with a thin veneer around the idea that they want to prevent voter fraud. The real problem is they have power, they want to keep power, but the forces of good and fairness are growing. The powers of tyranny had to figure out how to put a finger on the scales of justice. They have created new voter ID laws to discourage "all those other people" in Texas from voting.

They don’t want to give you a hint that you have power in Texas. They don't want you to realize the majority of Texans think like you. If you don't get up and act, well you will never know the power you share with other thoughtful Texans.

We have the lowest turn out of any state in the Union in Texas because people have just given up and turned over the reins of government to loud and rude and mean people.

This is the time to get it back. And you need to register. And you need to try and vote. And every Texan that is burdened down with regulation needs to make a fuss, and stand up for their rights as an American. We must defend our rights as Americans to vote- for our children, for all children. Denying the people a vote is a path to tyranny and we must struggle against tyranny at every step.

Come join us, Claim your right to be involved in the future of Texas and the future of America. May the best ideas win in debate and may everyone of you be involved in the process of looking at the issues, and making up your mind the right policies going forward, and the right people to lead us and exercise your right to vote for them. This is the legacy you leave to future generations. Lets all claim it for ourselves.

The next critical election is in November 2014 when Wendy Davis gives us a real alternative to a new direction in Texas, and when we will be again electing all of our representatives to Congress. We will also get to weigh in on a senate seat. We will continue this discussion as we move forward to a new Texas- not necessarily Blue- not all Red- but instead a shade of thoughtful.

We want politicians who have empathy for what is happening to Texans, and who are ready to  watch out for our interests.We need to elect women and men who are ready to deal  with issues faced by Texans through a lens of what is real not through ideological eyes.

People are already hard at work registering new voters, getting registered voters engaged that their vote counts for something again. Take a deep breath. Imagine the fresh clean air of a new political climate in Texas. Lets get it done. 

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