Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Some Stray Thoughts about a Merry Christmas this year

Today, the day before Christmas, right here in North Texas- there is a mom struggling to create a happy Christmas for kids while totally stressed out. Maybe she is struggling with bills. Maybe approaching problems with the house or apartment.

Maybe she is just worn out from the struggle. Too many jobs that don't pay enough or not enough steady work to get ahead. Maybe she has bald tires on her car, maybe the car doesn't really run very well, but she cannot afford to have it looked at... yet, she must trust it- she has to get to work to pay the bills...

What a wonder Christmas Tree!
And there are dads under stress too. I am prosaic- a nerd- not very imaginative, but I know there are countless ways to go aground in our present day, and no one really wants to count them or account for them.

There are other people in pain- chronic backaches but with no medical insurance to help make a difference. Eye problems, ear problems, problems with teeth- that would be easily solved if there were more funds, if they were paid a higher wage, if they could afford to sign up for Obamacare-

Thanks to all the generous people in North Texas, kids are getting new bikes and toys this Christmas that they would not have otherwise received, but there are great mounds of hidden pain, hidden issues, and parents will continue to struggle on into the new year.

Now, I lack the imagination to truly understand people's predicaments- I made these up, but they are there and people are hurting and most of us are just a little too insular from the issues that people live with everyday. We are busy, we really do not have powerful individual tools to deal with these issues, and it is painful to imagine. Like thinking about abandoned and hungry cats and dogs.

We do have the tools through our elected representatives to solve these issues, but we are distracted by many lesser issues, or maybe we just do not understand the tools we do share together as citizens of the United States.

If I could give all of ua a gift right now for Christmas, it would be better eyes and ears to see and hear the people around us- to help us reach beyond the stereotypes and the caricatures- down to real people with real worries- real dreams and real stresses. We could all do each other a lot of good if we saw and understood things better.

And I would give all of us a better perspective to sort out what is important and what is trumped up as urgent by media or self serving politicians. We miss so many important things hidden in the background of this moment's manufactured hysteria magnified by cable news.

I would also give everyone more time. More time to think things through rather than react so quickly to events.

And I would give everyone a passion that gets them excited every day, and an opportunity on which to focus their talents and energy. And this effort would provide a living wage and more: enough to save for the future, enough for free time to relax and think and dream.

More time. Less stress. Fewer fears. Bigger opportunities. More laughs.

I wish I could give these away because we are all in this life experience together, our lives impact others, our actions either add to or extract from the common good. Happy and engaged people make other people happy and add more energy on the side of light and less on the side of darkness.

Have a great Merry Christmas.

tree and image  by YE OLD SANDWICH SHOPPE

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