Thursday, January 1, 2015

So Who is Going to the First Saturday Drum Circle?

It is a new year, and time to try something new. We all get set in our habits and our thinking framework- some of us more than others- but new things stimulate us- stimulate our brains and no telling what kind of interesting people you might meet.

We are so lucky to live in North Texas. We are blessed with unique levels of eccentricity here, you just have to look behind and through the haze of banality as background noise.

I swiped this from the Groovy Goods site. No pictures could be found from any First Saturday Drum Circle event. That means... something. What happens at a Drum circle stays at the Drum circle. apologies to Vegas.

So you need to go to the 1st Saturday Drum Circle - One Love!
Come out and dance, drum, juggle, spin and hoop...or just enjoy the sights and sounds at this FREE, family-friendly event!

The dancers of Wild Sky Tribal will entertain & amaze. Hieid will lead a Drummer Dancer Workshop from 6PM-7PM. Wear your rasta colors & get an entry for some cool door prizes!

If there is any rain, or if temperatures will be under 50 degrees during the event, we will be indoors. FIRE SPINNERS & HOOPERS, the front parking spaces will be cleared, and we'll mic the sounds of the drums outside for you with our PA system! So, come on out & have some FUN!

Complimentary beverages. Bring a chair if you have one! And help us spread the word by sharing & inviting your friends & family - the more the merrier!

This is right next door just about everyone in the DFW. It is in South Arlington at  Groovy Goods  which is located at 3415 S Cooper St
Arlington, Texas. Any questions- you can give them a call at (817) 468-2029.

Starts at 7 PM,
Ends at 10,
Unless you find
a newfound friend.

Call some friends and create a car pool. Understand that the carpool rather cramps the possibilities for after 10 PM, but just go with the flow.

It might even be possible to take mass transit and have a party on the way- some day. That is a cruel joke on my part. I apologize

If you have any suggestions, or information, or questions- just add them below.

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