Sunday, January 25, 2015

Some daft Texans and some great ones to celebrate

A funny thing happened on Facebook today. Bud Kennedy tweeted about Ted Nugent endorsing Rick Perry for 2016.

Bud tweeted this morsel to his FB fan club.
Oh, brother, this is a gem

And amid the din of people agonizing over this prospect, which is funny enough, one commenter suggested that "These days, Perry is one of the reasons we shudder when someone ask where were (sp) from."
After I quit Laughing. I sparked up some thoughts of my own.

There are not a lot of bland but functional folks in Texas politics. Instead, we are blessed with world class dopes. My personal antidote to this stain is to remember we also have exceptional people who stand out by their actions not their antics.

Dr. Brantley is an exemplary example. He lived his faith to serve in Africa and stood fast as the mission became a life and death fight against Ebola.

Dr. Brantley acted on his faith and stood tall and, in doing so,
wrote a new chapter in the book of Texas heroes.

And we have brave public servants like Judge Clay Jenkins who stood up for kids on the border and stood up to help with the family of Thomas Eric Duncan, our Ebola patient from Liberia.

These great Texans stood fast, did what was right and ignored the carping and fear mongering from the Texans at the other end of the room.

And we have so many stalwart nonprofits in Texas and the hard working volunteers that make them work. Volunteers and professionals who do their best to help people in need; in complete contrast to the political leaders of Texas who offer ideological platitudes.

So when people from out of state, grimace when they hear I am in Texas, I laugh and then add a few thoughts on the great Texans we share, and are proud of; and that makes the difference. It also helps to visualize a future with a whole herd of Texas stooges in retirement.

Share your thoughts below.

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