Friday, January 30, 2015

Texas A & M is saving your cup of Premium Coffee

Imagine waking up without a really great cup of coffee; instead, a chicory substitute; and while your brain reminisce back to happy memories of tasty coffee, you peruse the morning news in a desperate search for news on a new tastier substitute coffee?

Well, that isn’t going to happen, even though the rust fungus is threatening  the best coffee plants in the world and our cup of coffee is endangered from climate change.

I was tooling around the Internet today on the Texas Tribune and was startled- I was attracted to an ad for Texas A&M which is quite compelling linkbait, I must add.

I saw the image and had to investigate.

This quite effective ad caught my eye as as I perused the Texas Tribune site today.

So I am sharing my angst over the threat  of global warming on my favorite beverage; and conversely, my appreciation for the academic warriors that will save coffee for us. You may not know that Texas A & M started out as  the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas in the 19th century. ref. wiki

Incidentally, there will be many more battles to protect plants and ag from the changing climate.

And, of course, it needs mentioning that while many millions of us would whine about drinking bad coffee substitutes; the people who depend on coffee production for a living, are invested in this issue much more seriously than us. It is how they put food on the table and roofs over the heads of their families.

Here is a short quote succinctly laying out the coffee challenge

coffee rust disease epidemic that devastated the region to the tune of $1 billion in the harvest season of late 2012 alone. Through funding from the global coffee industry and USAID, Texas A&M University System’s World Coffee Research in the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture…

Here is the Aggie page on the challenge  to save premium coffee.

One other issue to settle here.

Texas has great Universities. There is a great deal of rivalry between these universities. I have seen Texas A&M as the butt of many cartoons.

An example of an aggie joke.  Not funny at all. Unless you have a sense of humor. Cows, agriculture udders, cracked me up. Yet, still not appropriate at all.

This must end. They are saving our coffee.

Oh, and I hope you watched the video and figured that not only the coffee in Central America is endangered… if not,

follow these dots

climate change, fungus spores, westerlies and easterlies and air circulation all over the world… coffee plants endangered everywhere.

Leave any comments below. And remember, no more rude cartoons about Texas A&M. Mardi Gras at A&M. that was a bit funny.

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