Sunday, January 25, 2015

You just might enjoy helping restore the Tandy Hills Natural area

For years, Don Young and friends have been working to build a prairie in the Tandy Hills. The area has been civilized for a century before and had been abandoned for decades before events played out and Don Young gathered his strength and shred his vision for a prairie on the Tandy Hills.
Here is a map to the Tandy Hills Natural Area. You can access the Tandy hills from View street or on the east edge through a neighboring property.  The southeast corner also has an entry point on Meadowbrook but poor parking for your car. You can ride the bus. Bus 21 goes by on Oakland just a couple blocks east, every 30 minutes and bus 22 on meadowbrook is just a block south of View Street or right on the southeast entry point. The entry point on Meadowbrook is not in the Tandy Hills natural area, but it does have a hiking trail into Tandy Hills.

You might have seen my post about two types of Texans building wealth; well, the extractors have taken advantage of the Tandy hills for decades. You can find more than one rusted out car hulk over an embankment; but at least one of these has resulted in a great Halloween tale by Don Young.

Roofers trying to save a few bucks on tipping fees have sneaked into various parts of the Tandy hills to dump their loads of old asphalt shingles; there are big and small tires around; but those days are past, and so the builders, working over time, working year by year, are slowly reclaiming the Hills into a Prairie.

Now I don't want to leave the impression that this place is a mess. You have to know where to look to see the work of the extractors. Tandy Hills is a great place to hike and look at wild flowers. Each season has a new story to write on the Tandy Hills.

Tandy Hills Natural Area is a great place to hike, stroll,
walk the dog, and listen to the critters...

This has entailed several  years of  brush bashing. The wrong type of brush- invasive brush is removed so that the prairie grasses and wild flowers can take hold.

Come out and help create a new legacy at
Tandy Hills Natural Area.

So come on out to the brush bash this Saturday, the 31st. Now, if by chance you ran across this after the 31st; well there is always another project being planned; and Tandy Hills can use all the friends it can get.

You will get some exercise and you will meet some interesting people. And you will be part of a legacy building project for the future. Someday your grandkids will come out with you and you can regale them with tales of brush clearing and grass seeding.

This weeks project is wild oats and blue stem grass reseeding in the cleared area.

You can read the fascinating story about the grass
seed on their Facebook page

All this information is told in much more detail with great pictures also; so check out the Facebook page for

the Tandy Hills Natural area

and  the Brick bash.

And, you also saw a link above to the website. Here is the link to the Friends of the Tandy Hills website

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