Saturday, August 5, 2017

So you need to meet Dana Lewis.
Dana Lewis has Type 1 diabetes, which means her pancreas doesn’t work the way it should: It doesn’t make the insulin she needs to survive.
So, she built a new one.
Meet Dana Lewis. Bright girl for sure. You just cannot
imagine how much effort and attention goes into controlling
one's glucose levels while dealing with diabetes. Thank
you, Dana. She has made her efforts
Open Source, so others can do what she did. Image 
swiped from GeekWire and then altered.

This is quite a remarkable story and do not miss it.

But you know Stu, never leaves well enough alone. This is not rocket science. This is sensors and activators and software.

What does this have to do with Texas?

Texas can be a huge player in veering away from virulently reactionary and harmful government. When we turn Texas into a state which elects thoughtful politicians, we turn the entire country. We can break the back of demagoguery and fear and put the reactionaries out of office.

This should have been on the market long ago. The free market ignored it because... other fish to fry. The free market ignores issues not made of money.

One of the reasons it would be ignored is because of the high level of regulation intended to make sure new medical devices are safe. Regulations should be effectively designed to insure safety and be responsive to innovators. There is room for study and innovation on this front.

The nuclear industry is over regulated by outdated concerns for poorly chosen technology. Space for innovation here.

So I am being harpy and we all need a pleasant diversion.
So Dana gets around. Runs marathons. 👍 I swiped this
from her twitter account.

OK, back to the blacksmith's shop for some more hammering.

But the right amount of regulation is important. Airplane parts are quite expensive to track their origins and make sure fake parts don't enter the parts stream. We have fewer commercial planes falling from the sky anymore; and it is through the better adaption of technology, and the scheduling of maintenance, and the careful attention to anomalies, commercial flights are so much safer.

That said, you cannot leave the corporatists and their present Republican lackeys in control of deregulating. We would still have sweat shops  and fire traps killing people, if they had their druthers. Proof you say? They have adamantly stood against protecting downwind citizens from coal emissions. Coal emissions are quite deadly killing thousands in the US yearly. Because, harmful to business. BS. They do not think. They do not care. At least not about the rest of us.

Look at the history of lead poisoning in America. Good for business but harms children.

So why is it so hard to find people to elect that would be thoughtful and innovative, and work for a common good good for inventors and innovators and healthy for people?

It is our fault. It is us who vote morons and reactionaries into office. We listen to their simple but stupid short sighted solutions which are based on falsehoods. We are influenced by their appeals to fear and tribalism.

We need to wake up, slap ourselves and start thinking more. We need to think and elect thinkers. Not xenophobes.  Not zealots. Not science haters. Not demagogues nor racists. They can even be republicans. The criteria required is integrity and the ability to think and empathy for the rest of us.

Feel free to add your 2 cents.